How many sample points are required to build an accurate metamodel?

Requires more sample points

Enough with fewer sample points

Conventional metamodeling process

Choose an appropriate sampling technique

· What is the most appropriate sampling technique?
· How many sample points would be enough?
· How to add additional samples should it be required?

Perform CAE simulation or experiment for each sample

· How to automate the repetitive simulation process?

Choose a metamodeling technique and generate metamodel

· What is the most appropriate metamodeling technique?
· How to set the user-defined parameters?

Calculate metamodel accuracy. If not good enough, go back to ①.

· How to assess the accuracy of the metamodel?
· What can be done if the metamodel is not reliable? Should additional points be added or a different metamodeling technique be used?

Auto Metamodeler Concept

Auto Metamodeler

Auto Metamodeler process

Define target accuracy for the metamodel

Algorithm repeats sampling and metamodeling until the target accuracy is reached

Export the built metamodel for simulation and design

Use the prediction model for real-time design-space exploration