BruceEYE Overview

Flexible and Adaptive BruceEYE
rapidly learns your data with high accuracy

BruceEYE Structure

AI for Computer Vision provided by the collaboration between AbleMAX and PIDOTECH

                                     Image Classification

Object Detection


What BruceEYE can do…

                    • Various techniques for pre-processing videos and images
                    • Deep learning supported Computer Vision AI
                    • Fast retraining for easy implementation on various fields


BruceEYE for Surveillance

– Detects and identifies anomalies in the area under observation
– Efficient and effective surveillance with less work force

BruceEYE for Fault Detection

– Efficient detection of faulty products through images
– Effectively detects faults that are not easily visible to the naked eye

BruceEYE for Scrap Metal Classification

– Effectively evaluates the grades of scrap metal through live-stream video
– Accurate evaluation of scrap metals that are difficult for people

BruceEYE for Medical Diagnosis 

– Diagnose and predict anomalies from radiological data and give appropriate prescription
– Enhanced prediction accuracy by the cooperation with the professionals