1. Convenient Optimization Process

Step 1. Select simulation model and automatically analyze
  • Available Molding process

· Thermoplastics injection molding

  • Available Analysis sequence

· Fill
· Fill+Pack
· Fill+Pack+Warp
· Cool
· Cool+Fill+Pack+Warp

  • Available Analysis sequence

· Midplane
· Dual Domain
· 3D

  • User defined Layer

· Ezopt node
· Ezopt fixed cone
· Ezopt weldline
· Ezopt deflection
· ezopt circularity 1, 2, 3, …
· ezopt flatness 1, 2, 3, …

  • Provides solutions for problems on simulation model
  • Open simulation model and re-analyze
  • Copy original simulation model and perform simulation and optimization
Step 2. Automatic selection of design variables and their range
  • Gate Cone optimization

· Number and positions of gate cones
· Set number of simulations automatically/manually
· Estimate time required for optimization
· Set direction of gate cone

  • Injection molding condition optimization

· Process conditions and coolant inlet temperature
· Provides process profile

  • Valve Gate Sequence optimization

· Opening and closing time
· Provides sequence charts

Step 3. Design problem formulation
  • Automatic quantification of output variables from simulation model analysis
  • Categorize output variables for flow, cool, and warp results
  • Select objective function
  • Select constraints and define feasible range
Step 4. Perform optimization and monitor process
  • Optimization algorithm for gate cone: EzGate
  • Optimization algorithm for injection molding condition: ePPAO
  • Optimzation algorithm for valve gate sequence: ePPAO
  • Parallel computing supported
  • Analyze results from the Design Reviewer during optimization
  • Stop or resume design optimization

2. Result Analysis using Reviewer

  • Reviewer accessible during optimization
  • Real time optimized ranking
  • Sort each output in ascending/descending order
  • Filter output variable using defined range
  • Open directory of backup simulation model
  • View logs for each simulation model
  • Rearrange order through modifying formulation
  • Enter remarks
Image and backup model
  • Simultaneous comparison of input variables

· View model as image and save
· View injection molding conditions and save
· View valve gate sequence and save

  • Open backup model and delete

· Automatic storage space requirement calculation

  • Bar charts
  • Flatness chart
  • Circularity chart
Output variables
  • Bar charts
  • Flatness chart
  • Circularity chart
Design history
  • Export csv file (uses filter and sort features provided by excel)

3. Automatic Report and History Generator

  • Print and save as various document types
  • EzOPT MOLD and Moldflow information
  • Input and output variable information
  • Automatically scaled plots
  • Bar graph for each output variable
  • Flatness and Circularity charts
  • Individual window for each simulation model
  • Custom template
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