AI enhanced MDO software!

Product design optimization based on engineering data.

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PIDOTECH’s AI platform

Bruce is an AI platform based on PIDOTECH’s extensive design data archive to provide the best solution through various AI engines for the given design conditions. 

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AI service for engineering design
(supported in PIAnO)

BruceMentor is a customized artificial intelligence for engineering design that helps customers select the most appropriate design method.

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AI service for simulation prediction

A customized service for fast and accurate CAE simulation prediction using deep learning

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AI service for computer vision

Deep learning based customized computer vision technology.
It is a service that provides customers with the appropriate deep learning model to process, train and detect about the given data.

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AI based automatic metamodeling software

A predictive modeling solution using machine learning coupled with efficient data generation based on PIDOTECH’s exclusive accumulated know-how.

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AI based autonomous optimization and report automation software (for data or PIAnO)

A turnkey solution for autonomous optimization, comprehensive analysis of the result, and Excel report generation that presents analysis results in multiple perspectives for the engineer.

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Moldflow exclusive software for injection molding optimization

Injection molding optimization software exclusively for Moldflow!
For maximizing the quality of injection molded parts while minimizing molding defects.

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