PIDOTECH started out as a spin-off company of iDOT (ERC). PIDOTECH was the first to domestically commercialize the multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) and has provided customers, both domestic and international, with values of cost reduction and performance enhancement in design process for 15 years.

PIDOTECH researches and develops its own techniques and algorithms that constitutes MDO and package them as a software to provide industries, universities, and research centers the knowledge and expertise on optimization for fields including automobile, machinery, electronics, shipbuilding, defense, construction, medical, manufacturing, etc. Additionally, software customized for customer’s environment are provided along with educational services concerning design optimization.

PIDOTECH not only supports MDO but also are developing innovative technologies such as design space exploration methods for engineering data and optimal decision-making for product design. Recent events have lead us to merge artificial intelligence to our services.

Our passion to provide customers with value and support in the field of engineering design optimization will continue.

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