Deep learning based customized computer vision technology.
It is a service that provides customers with the appropriate deep learning model to process, train and detect about the given data.

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Flexible Data Pre-processing

Data is accurately identified and processed using various image preprocessing techniques before the fast and accurate training of a deep learning model.

Adaptive Deep Learning model

The most appropriate deep learning model is trained among the many supported algorithms.

UI Customization

A labeling tool that can be used for diverse domains also supports users with intuitive and convenient user interface.


It can provide 24/7 surveillance over a wide range of area or management of a large operation system.

It can identify objects in real-time that is unrecognizable by a human operator.

It can detect abnormalities and alert industrial sites allowing swift response.

It can strengthen businesses through technological advancements and maintenance cost reduction.


BruceEYE for Surveillance

Allows effective surveillance with minimum man power.

BruceEYE for Fault Detection

Detects even the most unrecognizable defects using the product images.

BruceEYE for Scrap Metal Classification

Fast and accurately evaluates the grade of scrap metal in real time.

BruceEYE for Medical Diagnosis

Provides diagnosis and prescription based on medical imagery.
Accuracy can be enhanced through cooperation with professionals.

BruceEYE can be used for other various industrial applications.