A customized service for fast and accurate CAE simulation prediction using deep learning

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Pre-processing CAE simulation data

BruceSIM preprocesses raw CAE simulation data for the use of deep learning by extracting CAE results the user aims to predict. Users are only required to decide which CAE result BruceSIM needs to predict.

Archiving CAE simulation data using PIAnO

If there is not enough CAE simulation data, using simulation automation through PIAnO can effectively archive new simulation data.
A single PIAnO execution is all that is required, preventing manual CAE simulation executions by the user.

Application of the optimal deep learning method

Through analyzing the features of the CAE results, BruceSIM selects and employs the optimal deep learning method for maximum accuracy.

Fast CAE simulation result prediction

BruceSIM is incomparably faster than actual simulation in terms of prediction speed with accurate CAE result predictions.

CAE result prediction tools for practical applications

BruceSIM provides tools for easy application to practical uses. Customers are only required to execute the tool after entering the simulation input for prediction. The prediction result can be obtained immediately.


Improved CAE result prediction efficiency

Allows CAE result prediction from the existing CAE simulation data.

Improved practical applicability

Users can easily use customized CAE result prediction tools for practical applications.


Injection molding 

Predict injection molding CAE simulation result for injection molding model and injection location.