AI-based optimization and analysis software, which harnesses the design know-how of PIDOTECH

with integrated metamodeling, optimization, data analysis, and report generation engines

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Labeled Data Utilization

An interactive interface that helps users collect data from experiments or simulations to assemble a labeled data set

Enhanced User Accessibility

An easy to use application for design optimization and data analysis without any requirement of background knowledge

Advanced Design Techniques

Supports state-of-the-art AI-based design techniques (metamodeling/optimization/data analysis)

Comprehensive Report Generation

Automatically generates a data-storytelling capable high quality design report in Excel format


Wider accessibility 

Perform optimization and data analysis without the need of extensive background or expertise.

Man-hour reduction

Perform optimization, analyze data, and generate a report with a single click of a button.

Archive know-how through design guides

Users can gather expertise with quantified data instead of depending on experiences as design guides are provided for result analysis.

Engineering perspective data utilization

Establish a response prediction process using PIDOTECH’s machine learning techniques on simulation or experiment data.


  • Optimization result analysis : A summary of the optimization result (objective improvements and constraint feasibilities).
  • Contribution analysis : Contribution of design variables to the optimal solution.
  • Correlation analysis : Analysis of correlation between responses about the change of design variables.
  • Design sensitivity analysis : Sensitivity of each response to the change of design variables about the entire design space in terms of improvement or worsening.