Optimal accessibility and convenience for each task

  • User friendly software architecture
  • High accessibility due to separation of each unit as a  standalone application for PIDO
  • Convenience provided through systematic integration of each application

() : 선택사항

Optional Scenario Composer Reviewer Metamodeler Sampler
Design optimization using CAE integration (√) (√)
Design optimization through physical experimentation and computational simulation
Sample generation for physical experimentation and computational simulation
Data analysis
(domain visualization, exploration, and optimum prediction)
Generate approximation model using given data
Design optimization using given data

Four standalone applications that constitutes PIAnO Composer

  • Constructs simulation system
  • Applies design methodologies
  • Analyzes results obtained from Composer
  • Analyzes data from external files
  • Generate metamodel from a given data and analyze or export
  • Generate sample points using various DOE and export